Reppin’ Akron

Beautiful Sand Run Park Beautiful Sand Run Park

This week a few ladies from the St V tribe went for a hike in Sand Run Park. So many native Ohioans sleep on the attractions, rich culture, and beautiful thin places throughout the great state of Ohio and our home city, Akron. You may be asking, “What’s a thin place?” Well, it’s a place where the boundary between heaven and earth is especially thin. It comes from our Celtic brothers and sisters. After we hiked, we sat in a field and shared some special moments together reading a Psalm, talking about self-worth, talking about life, and praying together. A light drizzle came down toward the end of our time sitting in that field, but it didn’t rain on our parade, rather it was a reminder of how close we are to everything above. We left the park in a serene state, ready to take on the week ahead with the peace of our Maker on our hearts.

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