Generation Akron (GA) was formed in 2009 with a vision of reaching the unchurched young adult community of Akron, Ohio. From its inception, GA has possessed a vision of reaching those who would never step foot through the doors of a church. In 2012, an eclectic group of young adults came together under GA’s leadership with a vision of reaching Akron’s youth – a vision that now extends to the youth of the nations.

Since that time, Generation Akron has specialized in vibrant faith-based and motivational (nonreligious) programming for students. Whether it be raves in warehouses or assemblies in schools, GA is breaking down the walls of ministry norms and paving the way for holistic transformation. GA is saving lives, rebuilding the youth of a city, and redefining life for an entire generation.

As we press forward in faithfulness, laboring in partnership with the dream and vision of God’s heart, we invite you to join the movement. Become a pioneer in reaching the lost and equipping the church! Apply today!



Director of Hope Assemblies

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Spearhead the creation of a West Coast Hope Assembly team, in partnership with OneVoice Student Missions.

Director of Finance & Advancement

Location: Akron, Ohio

Create and execute a comprehensive financial funding plan through business, grant, and donor relation programs.

Ast. Director of Church Equipping

Location: Akron, Ohio

Support, encourage, equip, and coach the local church as they are mobilized to reach campuses for Jesus.

Ast. Director of Tribes

Location: Akron, Ohio

Assist in developing a community based, culturally relevant discipleship model for implementation across Ohio.

Media Director

Location: Los Angeles, CA + Akron, Ohio

Create compelling multi-medium media campaigns to impact teenagers, the general public, and the church.

Culture Creator

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Media, blogging, Hollywood connection – be a part of a groundbreaking national youth culture initiative.