Leadership Lifestyle

We are not content using our gifts to minister to others while missing out ourselves. We are a selfish leadership team. We want Jesus! Before we preach, we pursue. Before we perform, we pray. Our main assignment while serving as leaders with Generation Akron is to passionately, radically, and obediently pursue Jesus with everything we have! We don’t just want to do the work of God – we want to posses His heart. We want to know Jesus, intimately.

While serving with Generation Akron we acknowledge that we will be challenged in many ways. Our gifts will be developed, our attitudes will be tested, and our hearts will be exposed. We offer quick forgiveness to insults and offenses. We encourage one another and help bear each other’s burdens. This is more than a ministry to us. This is a community. This is a culture. As a Generation Akron leader, we commit to pursue growth in the 5 core characteristics of GA leaders.

Every call to ministry is a call to intimacy. Prayer is the foundation of everything we do. It is not a secondary task. It is the main event! We are committed to intimacy with Jesus. We are committed to prayer.

Bible Study
In a day and age when false teachers are increasing and a generation does not know the truth of Jesus, we must know and preach the word of God! We are committed to knowing the word of God. We are committed to bible study.

Ministry will not become a show and our giftings will not be used as masks. We will link up with one another – confessing our sins, praying for healing, and encouraging one another in the faith. We call one another into obedience and the destinies that God has for us. We are committed to accountability.

2Hs (Humility & Honor)
We refuse to speak against the Lord’s anointed. We minister in the grace of God. What He has given to us may look different than what He has given to another. We build each other up. We do not tolerate gossip in any form. We will embrace an attitude of humility. We are committed to honor.

Local Church
We are a remnant of the bride of Christ, established in local churches throughout our city. We call out the greatness in all of God’s people and encourage them in the work that they have been called to do. We do not bash, belittle, or jump ship on the local church. We attend, support, and serve in our churches. We are committed to the local church.