Generation Akron Inc.

501(c)(3) Nonprofit
Parent Organization
Generation Akron is the official nonprofit organization under which all ministries and initiatives fall. Generation Akron is governed by a Board of Directors that is composed of past and current ministry leaders, serving in various realms of Christian ministry.


The Takeover (TKOVR)

Student Culture
Lifestyle/Culture Brand & Resource
The Takeover (TKOVR) serves two purposes. It serves as the title of Generation Akron’s student programming, as well as serves as a national “brand” highlighting a worldview and culture for students to embrace and live out – think MTV. TKOVR online, launching 2017, will bring the content of Christian culture shapers, across the world, to one location. From fashion, music, and film, to faith, business, and relationships, TKOVR online will show a generation the tangible reality of loving Jesus and living differently in every area of life. This resource will immediately be implemented in Ohio and Los Angeles.


Hope Assembly Initiative

School Assembly Programs
Program Model
The Hope Assembly Initiative is a series of school assembly programs. This model supports the efforts of school administrators and the local church, as it opens doors of communication with students in need. This is the first introduction students get to the TKOVR Culture.


OneVoice Clubs

On-Campus Clubs/Churches
Program Model
OneVoice clubs are the on-campus, Christian presence of the TKOVR. These groups are organized as an official campus club and are supported by the leadership of local churches and/or TKOVR volunteers. OneVoice clubs are not targeted towards Christian students but rather, students who do not yet have a relationship with Jesus. This ministry model is executed in partnership with its creator OneVoice Student Missions, in Los Angeles.



Student Discipleship Communities
Program Model
Tribes are student discipleship communities that meet outside of the school setting. Being introduced to the TKOVR culture through Hope Assemblies, students have the opportunity to petition for a Tribe to launch in their area. Weekly Bible study, community events, and one-on-one mentorship are all components of Tribe. Tribes are lead by TKOVR staff volunteers, local church partners, or discipled students.