OneVoice Testimonies

Lake High School: OV Club Testimonies (2/26/16- 4/22/16)

OV student leaders booked 3 Hope Assemblies at Lake completely on their own. Largely accomplished by sharing with their school counselors the vision for launching a TKOVR-fueled Bible Club after the assembly programs. This gave the TKOVR Team exposure to the entire school and created a platform for every student at Lake to be invited into OV Club.

During the summer, prior to this school year, one student,  who didn’t want to return to the high school for the upcoming school year, prayed at a Christian summer camp that God would send her a big sister in the faith to mentor her; and also that God would use her at her high school to make Jesus known. A month later she was introduced to Bre Buxton who she believes is the answer to that prayer, and was invited into becoming a Student Missionary the start of OneVoice Club. Since then, she was able to share her personal testimony with over 120+ of her peers at Club this past March.

On the first day of Club, over 200+ students attended, which resulted in the Christian teachers of the school contacting the Club advisors; asking if they could be involved or come join the stands to show their students that they love Jesus and can be a resource to Lake students who want to ask questions about faith.

Over 100 students gave their lives to Jesus within the first 3 weeks of the club’s launch!

Paige (Student Club Leader) received a word of knowledge about a student’s name who she did not know. Paige was stacking donuts before Club and thought to herself “I have to talk to Haley” but didn’t know who that was. She then felt the Holy Spirit highlight a person to her in the bleachers and said, “Hey, are you Haley?” The student said yes, and Paige was then able to pray and talk with her about Jesus from that point.

3 Supernatural Healings. 1 ankle, 1 back, 1 headache (went from 10-2-0 in pain levels), and kids were so excited to see miracles happen by their own prayers. One girl broke down sobbing under the presence of God for the first time, proclaiming to her peers that she felt “so much peace and so much love.”

One leader met four new students after specifically praying that God would send her new students at LHS that she could befriend this school year. Two of them are now OV Club leaders.

Two student speakers drew over 120+ of their peers and LHS staff to Club, when they boldly shared their personal testimonies of being delivered from an eating disorder, cutting, and suicidal thoughts.

While preaching to her peers on student-speaker day, Lauren had a vision while looking at the student body where she saw herself and a few other people go launch an OV Club at Hoover and Green High Schools. Separately, one adult leader has had specific dreams at night of seeing OV Clubs launched at those two schools in the future.

After participating in Club first-hand and learning the structure of how a student-lead Bible Club is formed, a Jr. High pastor has decided to launch an OV Club at Lake Middle School next school year. This means that we now have a greater opportunity for students to hear the Gospel and respond to Jesus before graduating. In 2017, Lake students will have access to OV Club during lunchtime from grades 6-12.

Various teachers allow their LOP (Loss of Privilege) students out of their mandatory study halls on Fridays, but only if the students agree to attend OV Club.

One student who had been suspended for having a bowl of marijuana in his car, asked a teacher if he could skip class to go hear the testimony of an adult leader who was freed from a heroin addiction. The teacher allowed him to go, and he raised his hand to dedicate his life to Jesus that day.

Two teachers allow for two of our club leaders to skip class or come extremely late to their classes on Club days. These teachers desire that their student club leaders are able to minister and participate in both Club lunches, and are therefore willing to catch their students up to speed on what was missed later in the school day.

One student who regularly attends OV Club came up to two adult leaders after Club for prayer about her family. Her step father is an alcoholic and her mother refuses to leave the relationship. She later confessed that her natural father molested her about a year ago, and that she misses him because she is no longer allowed to see him or talk to him. Amidst the broken family issues she is struggling with, hearing the testimonies of Club speakers has given her the boldness to share, and she continues to come to club weekly. She’s now connected with a TKOVR Adult Mentor.

Each week, there are various agnostic, atheist, and Wiccan students who do not attend club, but will sit at the doorway of the gym and talk about life and faith with one adult leader. After a few weeks of refusing to go inside, Amanda an “agnostic” student, finally attended and raised her hand to be saved.

One student, who never planned to come to Club, left his phone in the bleachers during gym class and returned at Lunchtime to retrieve it. Because Club was taking place at that time, he stayed and gave his life to Jesus. Later, his father told an adult TKOVR leader this story: his son had been addicted to drugs for years, and he and his wife have been praying for their son’s salvation. Once the student came home from school that day, he told his parents through tears that he got saved at OV Club, his parents prayed with him for the first time in years, and he has been clean from addiction since that day.

A student club leader, Lauren Safreed, was honored in the local newspaper as an outstanding volunteer in the Akron/ Canton area for her work pioneering the OV Club at Lake and striving to positively impact her peers.

Prior to the start of launch of OV Club, when our team was still praying for favor with school administration and ministry opportunities to be highlighted to student leaders throughout the school day, one of our student leaders was excused from class by the principal, and asked to sit in the bathroom to care for another girl who was crying from a recent break up.

Alumni adult leaders have been given complete freedom by staff to come into the school, any day during lunches, to hangout and minister to students. One adult leader from OV has now been given the opportunity to speak to all the sophomore Health Classes each semester about drug addiction and his freedom through Jesus. Since the start of Club, he was also invited to speak to the entire freshman class, as heroin addictions and drug usage remains a major problem in the school’s community.

Due to the spread of an invite culture and a desire to participate in building the Club, multiple students who aren’t even on the OV Leadership team have joined in to help pass out Club tickets and draw their peers to the gym to hear the Gospel.

Over 10 churches are represented on the OV Team (including both student and adult leaders.

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