High School Students’ Stories

The following are word-for-word texts submitted to the TKOVR text line.

Students had the opportunity to submit questions to a panel during our most recent Hope Assembly. The questions flooded in and continued after the assemblies ended. Students were also permitted to submit their personal stories. This is just a portion of what they texted in.

I have always had a really hard time forgiving people. I will pretend like I have forgiven them but in reality what they have done is always in the back of my mind eating away at me. Any tips?

I experienced something similar to Becca. Any advice of forgetting about being taken advantage of? Yeah, your experience. I’ve gone through something similar and I find it hard to cope with the reoccurring thoughts. I was wondering how you dealt with that.

hi. ive made some mistakes over the past year. bad ones. my parenys know,all of them. now months after it all happened they still hold the slutty girl that cant be trusted card over my head. my father does not let me speak abd mother always guilt trips me telling me its fine if i go somewhere as long as a i keep my pants on. idk how to deal anymore. i want to see a counselor and i think i could benefit from anxiety medications but my father thinks other wise. i want to move out at 18 but my parents have made it clear they will have no relationship with me if i move out before i graduate. please help. i feel suffocated

My friend says she’s done with life. What should I do?

Hi. Can I talk to someone?

Hi. Im going to stay anonymous so just call me E. This is my life story. I was born in 2000 in Asia and my birth mom was only 15 when she had me. Thats my age now. Since I was little people have asked me why my parents look different and spuint their eyes and say Ching Chong Chang. Now the bullying was more in my 3rd to 8th grade and the kids were relentless in their attacks. But when I hit 6th grade something snapped, I cussed and stabbed someone I became violent and a shut in. I was a social outcast who nearly everyone laughed at. i began thinking about suicide in 6th grade but never really made plans. i dont smoke or drink but and my parents are upper middle class and are very loving and caring, along with my 3 amazing siblings. Ive never been sexually assulted but Ive stolen money and jewelry and other precious items from people. I Have a bad habit of lying and am clinically depressed. Im not bulemic or anorexic and i dont cut, but Ive been having perverse thoughts that are unwanted. Maybe its because of my OCD idk. But These thoughts are destroying my morals and prevent me from hanging out with my family. Some of the thoughts are about rape fantasy and some are just plain sexual. Its like its controlling my mind and I dont like it. could these thoughts be related to my birth mom since i dont know if she just had sex or was raped?

How do you fix something with someone who won’t even give you a chance to talk

What can I do to make myself not feel worthless anymore?

I am adopted and sometimes i hate every moment. I want to be thankful for what God has given me but sometimes i dont know how i can. I want to be there for other students who are going through similar situations. how do i know how to help them? My twin sister and i came from living in with an abusive uncle. my parents were never there. adoption at first seemed like agreat thing but now that i am living with my parents of only 6 years, how do i learn to let go of my past 12 years of pain and independency? i do i learn to KNOW that they actually care about me?

Before I was even born my dad left my mom and my older brother now that I’m old enough to see him my mom has kept asking me if I want to see him I don’t know if I want to see him seeing him will bring back some stories that my mom has told me I don’t know if I should meet him or not. When I was 13 I started smoking weed how can I stop.

I only “hate” one person. This girl last year was always so mean to me and told me to kill myself. Recently my boyfriend who I was with for 2 years had sex with her shortly after we broke up. It was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced. I forgave him even though I still think about it a lot. I absolutely hate her but the hate is destroying me. It’s all I think about. It’s hard seeing her at school every day. I feel like the only way I will feel better and stop letting the hate destroy me is by forgiving her.. It’s easier said than done though. How do I do it? How do I release the hatred.

I just wanted to redefine normal real quick. Normal is NOT perfection. Normal is NOT flawless. Normal is scarred, hurting, pained, and need of hope. Guys and girls, YOU. Are. Normal!

I have tried and tried to reconcile with my sister, but she doesn’t see that she did anything wrong and refuses to admit that what she did was hurtful. How do I forgive her and love her while accepting that we’ll never have the relationship that I’d love to have with her?

They say to remove yourself from toxic people. What do you do if you can’t?

my boyfriend has cancer and he is currently in the hospital and it’s really hard to cope with any of this because this is a problem that I can’t fix. this is bigger than me. how do I deal with this? also, my parents don’t want us to be together so I won’t be able to visit him… how can I be there to be there for him if I physically can’t? I don’t want to rebel but it seems to be my only option

I feel like I’ve done something to damage a good relationship that I had with someone. They keep saying everything is ok, but I just don’t feel like things are the same at all. How do I go about 100% repairing this friendship and getting back to exactly how things were?

I have someone very close to me that suffers from depression and I’m finding it harder and harder to help them keep going I need help to help that person

Over the summer I was invited to a party with some friends but my parents didn’t want me to stay the night there because they thought something bad would happen, later that night I stop my parents alcohol and got so drunk that I started to ask why I should even be alive because I felt worthless. I stuck a knife to my throat and started to push but passes out before I could finish it. I shook it off the next day and acted like nothing happened but I still feel it in the back of my mind. How do I recover in my own head that I almost ended my life?

I wanna tell my best friend something about me but I’m scared of what he will think.. what should I do?

What if you have a reputation that has been pretty set for several years, but isn’t really you? Like you feel uncomfortable with it. How do you change? Especially when it’s pretty different from who people think you are. Or better yet, if your reputation IS you, but only a PART of you? How do you bring the rest out?

You talk about drugs, abusiveness, etc. – things that are choices. How do you deal with problems and people that aren’t that way by choice? Like someone with a mental illness or disability?

My brother often calls me gay, even though that’s not true. My mom is too annoyed by him to even reason with him, and when I inform my father, he tells me not to take it personally, but how can I not? Furthermore, I once heard that the fact that we’re all just a speck of infinity makes us insignificant. That can’t be true, can it?

help i party 2 much??? how do i stop ?? plz

My brother does drugs, and life is hard at home. How do I tell him to stop?

I lost my virginity, and I haven’t told my parents. should I tell them?

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for a long time. I have talked to a leader in my life, but I still can’t seem to get out of it. I feel awkward talking to the same person again, what should I do?

My mom and dad split up when I was 3 months old and my brother was 2. And since they got a divorce he was single and so for 14 years he was single and I was use to him being my best friend and last year he got a girlfriend so for a year he has choose her over me and my brother. So my question is does the pain go away? Will my dad stop making me feel so useless and look at me with love instead of disgust? I even wanted to switch my career and do what he wanted me to do since I was little so he could love me so will it get better??

Why can’t I ever b good enough for my family?

I don’t get along with my family. I am always a second thought with them.

I have made a lot of mistakes and im very hard on myself. I am starting to slip back into a depression. What should i do?

I feel like my family doesn’t even notice me and I don’t know what to do?

My grandmother is dying. My two best and only friends are fighting. I hate my mothers new boyfriend and I want her to be happy but she’s taking my sisters hard earned money and spending it on him instead of the bills. My house is falling apart physically…and emotionally. I’m acting out and have missed an insane amount of school. I lost myself so long ago and I don’t think I’ll ever find myself again. I’m slipping further into an abyss that I don’t think i’ll ever come out of. I’m afraid. What do I do?

My dad has really bad road rage, and I have witnessed him getting pissed off at little things other drivers do several times. Its gotten to the point where I’m scared to have him drive me places. My mom tried approaching him, and it ended up in an argument. They aren’t speaking to each other and I want to speak up and help, but how do I deal with it?

How am I supposed to keep going when every time I finally stand back up I get knocked down again?

My whole school knows me as a hoe and a whore even when I’m not what should I do

How should I support someone as a friend?

Why does life have to be so hard I had to deal with a lot with my dad when I got to about 7 or 6 he drank a lot and he doesn’t come around anymore I don’t know if I should hate him or not what should I do?

My parents are divorced, and they never stop fighting. I’m always in the middle, and it seems like I’m ammunition that they use towards each other. I never know what the right and wrong thing is to say or do

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